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Threading is an epilating hair removal technique. Our threaders use cotton thread to pull the entire shaft of hair out of your hair follicle. Since our threading technique removes the root of the hair, your hair will take longer to grow back after we remove it. Our highly skilled and experienced threaders will help you manage and shape your eyebrows and remove any unwanted facial hair.


Threading works as the threader holds and maneuvers the thread across the client’s skin to pull out hair by the root. A small knot is tied in the cotton thread. The thread is wound between the threader’s fingers and thumb. The threader uses her thumbs to press the knot against the base of the hair and works the thread across the client’s skin to cleanly and precisely remove the unwanted hairs. The knot pulls hairs out by their roots and leaves a beautifully shaped eyebrow.


Threading is a natural, safe, and painless form of hair removal that can be used on all different skin types. Many people with sensitive skin have choosing threading over waxing because it is less painful. People who are using acne treatments such as Retin A or Accutane cannot wax, but threading remains a safe hair removal solution. Unlike waxing, threading pulls out hair by the root and prevents it from growing back quickly. Threading does not cause any of waxing’s painful burning; the only tool used to remove hair is thread. Waxing can also be harmful to the skin. It may remove a layer of skin and cause breakouts, rashes, and wrinkles. Threading avoids all of these problems.


For women we offer: full face, eyebrows, lip, chin, and side burns.


For men we only offer: eyebrows (due to the thickness of their hairs). Nobody likes to have unibrows and this is main concern for most of the men. Eyebrow threading can be performed just to remove the unibrows and clean the unwanted hair. We clean the unwanted hair from men’s eyebrow, trim them, and make sure a man’s eyebrows look well groomed without appearing feminine.


Does it hurt?


It depends on the person, as we all react to things differently. Most of our clients say it is not painful and, if anything, it feels like tweezing. If you are accustomed to getting your eyebrows either waxed or tweezed, then it should not hurt. Eyebrow threading is for all skin types and waxing is not. With threading, the threader knows and has control over which hairs she wants to remove, so threading leaves a clean, nicely shaped eyebrow. Waxing removes all the hairs in one motion and can destroy an eyebrow’s shape. Threading is also less expensive because it does not include any expensive or harsh chemicals or products. It is quick, neat, and less painful process.

  • Shape: The process allows for a uniform arch.

  • Average time per brow: 7 minutes.

  • Afterglow: Redness, slight swelling.

  • We accept all Major CREDIT CARDS

  • Result: Clean as a whistle. Slow regrowt.

  • Rating: 3 Tweezers


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