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Here at UNIQ  Eyebrows, we do threading, waxing and facials. Our clients quickly realize we offer the best hair removal solution and new customers  quickly convert  to returning customers.  Our company’s goal is to provide our customers with excellent customer service so that we can ensure quality and complete customer satisfaction. Our staff is highly trained and experienced; inexperienced threaders can leave you with uneven eyebrows, ingrown hairs, hair breakage or unnecessary pain and soreness. Please visit us to discover the most effective way to manage your unwanted hair. Located at the Sharonville Shopping Plaza – 12065 Lebanon Rd.  Sharonville, OH. 45241.


  • Shape: The process allows for a uniform arch.

  • Average time per brow: 7 minutes.

  • Afterglow: Redness, slight swelling.

  • We accept all Major CREDIT CARDS

  • Result: Clean as a whistle. Slow regrowth.

  • Rating: 3 tweezers.

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