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We are UNIQ Eyebrows in the Sharonville shopping plaza. We offer amazing Eye threading, Henna tattoos, facials and body waxing. Beside our services we also carry Indian clothing and jewelry.

We specialize in threading because we feel it is the best hair removal technique. Threading is a natural, safe, unique, and nearly painless form of hair removal. We can thread all different skin types; it is even effective for people who have sensitive skin and cannot wax. For these reasons, threading has been attractive over the years and is replacing waxing techniques.


Come visit us at the Sharonville Shopping Center.

What Is Threading?

Threading is an epilating hair removal technique. Our threaders use cotton thread to pull the entire shaft of hair out of your hair follicle. Since our threading technique removes the root of the hair, your hair will take longer to grow back after we remove it.

Our Srevices

We provide:



  • HENNA Designs

at a very reasonable price.

Our Location

Uniq EyeBrows


11974 Lebanon Rd Unit 344

Sharonville OH 45241

Crystal VIew Plaza- 3 doors down from Chipolte

Tel: 513 483 3897

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